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The accommodation options for those wishing to visit the Atacama Desert are very varied and can suit all styles. The Terrantai Lodge Andino has excellent points and may surprise you during your stay in San Pedro de Atacama

To give you an idea, the space was recognized in 1980 as a National Monument of Chile and an essential part of the historical sector, mainly because it is located in the vicinity of the Church of San Pedro de Atacama. Even from inside the hotel, guests can see the church tower and bell.

About Terrantai Lodge

Hotel Terrantai Lodge San Pedro de Atacama
Photo: Terrantai Lodge Atacama

Discover the Terrantai Lodge Andino, a hotel in San Pedro de Atacama

The Terrantai Lodge is highly praised for its excellent staff service, where the traveler’s experience is highly valued and everyone is very attentive – the hotel understands that offering quality service goes beyond fulfilling basic prerequisites. It is necessary to empathize and be kind to everyone who has the opportunity to pass through the hotel and is living the realization of a dream.

We even saw the story of a traveler who felt the effects of the altitude and an employee accompanied her to receive medical attention at the city’s hospital. For someone who has traveled to many different places and has had countless experiences, it is quite rare to see or even hear a story like this. That’s why, in addition to good accommodation, we always remember the importance of travel insurance.

The structure of the Terrantai Lodge Andino hotel

With 5 different categories of rooms, the Terrantai Lodge stands out for its grandeur, but also for its simplicity, because despite being a hotel with fewer rooms, it enchants with the richness of the details in its decoration. The hotel is a real invitation to contemplate part of the local culture not only from the outside, but within its own structure, and it is common to find staff willing to talk about this proposal to guests.

The Terrantai Lodge had the participation of two important and renowned Chilean architects: Mathias Klotz and Felipe Assadi. Building the current structure was a real challenge in terms of transformations, but without losing its originality, preserving as much of the site’s history as possible.

Accommodation and rates vary according to the size and capacity of the rooms, ranging from 13m² to 23m² and catering for a maximum of 3 guests per room. You can choose the one that best suits your group or your size/decor preference. All rooms have the following amenities: ceiling fan, Wi-Fi, adobe walls, decoration with local products, hairdryer, safe, heater, telephone, bathroom and bed linen.

Gastronomy at the Terrantai Lodge Andino hotel

The hotel’s breakfast is included in the daily rate and has an excellent variety so that travelers can enjoy local food and also have a good meal. You can try fruits, juices, breads, cakes and other confectionery items to make the experience even more delightful. An important tip is to let them know if you need to have coffee before the service starts, as some tours leave very early. The staff will be able to help you and won’t let you down!

Hotel Terrantai Lodge San Pedro de Atacama
Photo: Terrantai Lodge San Pedro de Atacama

Location of the Terrantai Lodge Andino hotel

Localização do hotel Terrantai Lodge Andino
Photo: Terrantai Lodge Atacama

The hotel is located in the heart of San Pedro de Atacama, on Calle Tocopilla 411. Within the city, the central street taken as a reference is Caracoles, and Terrantai Loge is about 200 meters away, which is less than a 5-minute walk. So being able to stay near this central area is a real plus for your trip.

You’ll be able to access many incredible restaurants nearby, as well as other establishments such as bureaux de change, pharmacies, craft shops and much more.

Hotel Terrantai Lodge Andino and Sustainability

In addition to the strong presence of natural light in many common areas, much of the energy used in the hotel comes from the use of solar panels that take advantage of the solar radiation that can be very high in the Atacama Desert. The water used in the hotel and pool areas is stored and heated using this resource. Pretty cool, right?

Also promoting greater awareness in relation to the conscious use of nature and proper disposal, the hotel staff offers aluminum bottles that guests can fill with drinking water from the hotel and take with them on their outings. This avoids using plastic bottles unnecessarily.

Book your stay in advance!

Is it worth staying at the Hotel Terrantai Lodge?

Yes, we know and recommend Hotel Terrantai Lodge for your stay in San Pedro de Atacama. The hotel, as we’ve mentioned, has many positive points and is in the best location in the destination.

If you don’t get a place at the Terrantai Lodge, perhaps because you didn’t book in advance, there are excellent and cost-effective options in San Pedro de Atacama. Try not to leave it to the last minute, so you can guarantee the best opportunities for your trip.

You can count on us to help you put together your entire itinerary for your trip to the Atacama Desert – from accommodation to excursions – and check out more hotel options available for you to stay in San Pedro de Atacama here on our website!

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