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The desert village

The town of San Pedro de Atacama is the main base for those who want to explore and get to know the beauty of the Atacama Desert.

With its dirt roads and rustic buildings made of adobe, a type of clay, it is in San Pedro that travelers find the main structure for all the support they need on an expedition to the desert.

Although it may seem simple at first glance, the town has a good infrastructure, and its charm attracts travelers from all over the world.

Walking through the village’s narrow streets is an experience that shouldn’t be left out of your itinerary. It’s worth setting aside at least half a day to walk around and get lost in the streets with the volcanoes that rise with the Andes as a backdrop.

What to see in San Pedro de Atacama

To explore and learn about the history and roots of this ancient village, the best alternative is to explore it on foot. If you have the opportunity to take a guided tour of San Pedro, you can be sure that your experience will be even richer.

If you prefer an independent tour, take Calle Caracoles, the town’s main street, as your base. It’s worth strolling along most of its length, where you’ll find everything from craft stores, clothing, accessories and markets to great restaurants.

At the top of the street, walking towards the Andes, you’ll find the cheapest craft stores. Between Calle Toconao and Domingo Atienza, the street becomes exclusively pedestrianized. On this stretch you’ll find the best stores in town and good restaurant options.

If you need to change money, most of the bureaux de change are located on Calle Toconao. It’s worth taking a stroll down the street and researching the rates at each one; you can usually find a good difference between them.

Walking along Calle Toconao you also reach Plaza de San Pedro de Atacama, the town’s main square. Around it you can see some bars, restaurants and other important points, such as the San Pedro de Atacama Church, the town hall, the police station – the Carabineros de Chile, and also access to the Feria Artesanal San Pedro de Atacama, a long street lined with stores selling handicrafts from Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

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The Church of San Pedro de Atacama, where doors and various details are made from cactus wood, is well worth a visit. The interior of the church is very beautiful and deserves a few minutes of your attention.

Crossing the craft market, you’ll come to an even simpler area of the town. On the opposite side of the street, there are a number of stalls selling typical food for a very modest price.

At the back of this area, you’ll come to the cemetery which, despite being a rather unconventional walk, reveals traces of the culture of these ancient people.

San Pedro de Atacama Church

San Pedro de Atacama Church

Back in the main square, walking along Calle Gustavo Le Paige will also give you some nice surprises. Following the street towards the Andes Mountains, you’ll come to Franchuteria, a delicious place where you can try great artisan breads and the best croissant in the desert.

Heading in the other direction, you can go to Calle Tocopilla and turning right, continue on to the Meteorite Museum – another place worth visiting.

Map and useful information about San Pedro de Atacama

Exploring the alleys of the village without a set itinerary will, certainly yield some great experiences and discoveries during your trip.

To help you on your trip, we’ve separated the main points of interest in San Pedro de Atacama on this map.

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