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Chile, including its northern region, is generally a safe country. The Atacama Desert entices travelers globally, with minimal instances of violence or theft.

Although small, San Pedro de Atacama has distinct areas. Travelers mostly concentrate on Calle Caracoles, the town’s main street. The areas further from the center may not offer the best facilities for an enjoyable trip, although they are still safe.

Walking in San Pedro is safe for both male and female travelers, providing a sense of security even for those traveling alone.

The town’s hostels are highly rated and offer affordable accommodations, making them a great choice for young individuals seeking cheaper options.

Important for your trip

In mining towns such as Calama, where the nearest airport to the town is located, women can feel uncomfortable with unwanted looks and jokes. As travelers’ time in Calama is minimal, and they rarely have to leave the airport, the city doesn’t pose a problem.

For those who need to or decide to stay in Calama for longer, it’s worth taking extra care, especially at night.

As we discuss a popular destination for growing numbers of travelers, it is essential to exercise caution with your personal belongings and important documents.

Due to the long road trips involved in visiting this high-altitude destination, it is advisable to select a trustworthy agency. Considering the prevalence of road accidents in Atacama, particularly among foreign tourists renting vehicles from unregulated agencies, we strongly recommend exercising caution.

When booking tours, be cautious of agencies that advertise extremely low prices and overcrowd vehicles. Take precautions to safeguard your belongings during the trip. Refrain from hiring or accepting tours offered randomly on the street without adequate knowledge or reliable recommendations.

Our agency recommendation

We trust and recommend the work of the FlaviaBia Expeditions agency as one of the best alternatives for those looking for tours with a controlled number of people, good cars, professional drivers, and super-instructed guides.

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Choosing the right agency can greatly impact your travel experience in the Atacama Desert. We highly recommend Flavia’s work as we have been acquainted with the agency since its inception and have already participated in all of its offered experiences.

Safety in the Atacama

Another important point in the Atacama Desert that needs to be highlighted is the presence of landmines scattered in various places, including the Valle de la Luna and especially in the region close to Peru.

The landmines were buried during the Pinochet regime amid tensions between the nations in the 1970s. During a tour of the Lagunas Escondidas de Baltinache, you can observe an isolated area due to the undetected and unactivated landmines present.

It’s highly unlikely to encounter mines if you respect signposted areas and avoid remote or off-road areas.

Have you reserved your hotel in Atacama?

Arriving at your destination with a pre-booked hotel is crucial for smooth transportation and immigration processes in Chile. Accommodation information is typically required by inspectors at Santiago airport, so make sure to have your reservation ready.

In San Pedro de Atacama, there is a diverse range of accommodation options available. These range from basic hostels to high-end hotels and resorts. With thorough research, one can discover reasonably priced, comfortable, and inviting options.

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