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The Valley of the Moon in the Atacama

The Valle de la Luna, or Moon Valley, is considered one of the main points of the Atacama Desert, next to the Valle de la Muerte. Formed by salt rocks, sculpted by the action of winds and weather, it is the most famous desert scenery in the destination and deserves to be part of any itinerary.

As well as the action of the wind, the sudden changes in temperature have also contributed to sculpting and forming the beauty of this place which, for a long time, was considered to be the most similar to the surface of the moon – which is why it bears this name.

With its main access about 6km from San Pedro de Atacama and also because it is at the same altitude as the town, 2,500 meters above sea level, it is one of the best tours to include in the first few days of your itinerary.

How to visit Valle de la Luna

Located next to the Cordillera del Sal, the Valle de la Luna reveals incredible and inspiring scenery. Among the most famous sights, the Grand Auditorium stands out on the horizon. The formation created by time looks like a handmade sculpture and impresses even from afar.

Another famous spot in Valle de La Luna are the formations called Tres Marias. Discovered by the Jesuit Gustavo Le Paige, they can be seen from a safe distance, as one of them was knocked down by a tourist.

Each traveler has the freedom to decide how they prefer to explore Valle de la Luna, and each agency tries to offer a different experience. Among the options are bike rides or even trekking.

Although the presence of a guide is not compulsory, having someone who knows the area will provide a complete tour and explanations during the visit.

The agency FlaviaBia Expediciones which we recommend as one of the best options for your trip, offers the Luna and Marte Trekking, where travelers will have the opportunity to explore not only the Valle de la Luna, but also the beauties of the Valle de la Muerte.

The trek through Valle de la Luna is considered easy and can be done by most travelers who don’t have problems with mobility. There are some uphill and downhill sections that require a certain amount of balance, but the poles provided by the agency, as well as the support of the guide, make it a very easy walk.

Information about Valle de la Luna

Moon Valley, like many places in Atacama, is controlled by the local community. The entrance fee to the park is usually not included in the price of the tours offered by the agencies, and payment is required at the entrance in Chilean pesos. Credit cards are not accepted as a form of payment.

Park entrance fee: $ 6,000 CLP per person

We can consider Valle de la Luna an easy walk. For those who want to go hiking, the morning is the best time. It’s also a good place to enjoy the sunset. You can set aside half a day in your itinerary to do this tour.

Tips for enjoying the Valle de a Luna

Valle de la Luna is not a very high altitude walk, being 2.500 meters above sea level – the same altitude as the town of San Pedro de Atacama. If you choose a tour that starts very early in the morning or includes sunset, take some clothing to protect yourself during the coldest times of the day.

Our suggestion is a jacket that isn’t too heavy, if possible one that is windproof. That way, if you have to carry it during your walk, it won’t be a bother. Prioritize closed, comfortable walking shoes, so you don’t get sand in them and you can walk more safely.

During the day, temperatures tend to rise in the Valle de la Luna region and it’s possible to take the tours in cooler clothes. Of course, it’s important to be aware of the time of your trip.

Always take a bottle of water with you and don’t forget your sunglasses, hat and sunscreen. The Valle de la Luna region has intense sunlight and few shady spots, so it’s important to be protected – especially around midday.

If you haven’t booked your hotel yet, we recommend booking in advance. Find the best hotels and book here.

Photos of Moon Valley in Atacama

Which agency to hire in Atacama

Our suggestion is that you book your tours with registered and well-recommended agencies. The best agency we can recommend in San Pedro de Atacama is FlaviaBia Expediciones, a company we’ve known since it started operating and which has an excellent track record in terms of traveler satisfaction.

For those who value a good experience, tours without a large number of people, comfortable and safe cars and, of course, professional guides, this is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives for your trip.

We recommend FlaviaBia's work transparently. We know the work closely and have already done all the activities offered, testing and guaranteeing the quality of the service.

You can contact the agency directly using the form and receive all the information you need for your trip.

The FlaviaBia Expediciones agency was created by Flavia, who raised her family in the desert and today is a reference in service and quality in San Pedro de Atacama

Travelers who have already visited Valle de la Luna

Robson Franzoiauthor of the blog Um Viajante

Valle de la Luna is one of my favorite places in the Atacama Desert. It's worth a visit! If possible, take a hike and explore this place that seems like another world.

Diogo Fernandespassionate about coffee and travel

Valle de la Luna was the first place I visited in the Atacama. It's a place with incredible energy and where I fell in love with the desert. It can't be left out of any itinerary.

Viviane OliveiraCollaborators

The Valley of the Moon is an incredible place in the Atacama Desert. I went for a morning hike followed by a walk through the Valley of Mars on my first day there. Wonderful!

Larissa CostaMembers

Don't miss Valle de la Luna. A beautiful place in the Atacama Desert near San Pedro. Avoid midday as the sun gets very hot. It's well worth a visit.

Gabriel AmorimCollaborators

The trekking in the valle de la luna is amazing and perfect to include on the same day as the valle de la muerte. They are the most famous tours in Atacama. It's worth taking a guided tour to get to the best spots.

Valle de la Muerte

Laguna Tebinquiche

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