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The tour of the stars in Atacama

No matter how many days you spend in the Atacama Desert, do your best to include the Astronomy Tour in your schedule and prepare yourself for one of the most extraordinary experiences of your life.

Because of the climate in Atacama, where there are very few days with clouds or any kind of pollution in the sky, this destination is considered one of the best places on the planet for stargazing.

And that’s no exaggeration: the most expensive and powerful telescope in the world is even installed there. Scientists and astronomers travel from all over the world to visit the A.L.M.A. laboratory.

How to take the Atacama Astronomy Tour

For the traveler, the use of the world’s largest telescope won’t be necessary. Embarking on an astronomical tour will be more than thrilling and will certainly be one of the highlights of the trip.

Of the various companies offering astronomy tours in Atacama, FlaviaBia Expediciones is the only one that offers a unique experience, combining comfort, an expert guide and an exclusive tasting.

We recommend that you try to organize the Atacama Astronomy Tour in the first few days of your trip, so that if any unforeseen weather conditions occur, you’ll have the opportunity to take your tour on another date.

Obviously, astronomy tours are canceled on cloudy days. It’s also worth noting that during periods of full moon the tour doesn’t take place either, so it’s worth taking these points into account when deciding on the date of your trip.

During the tour you will have the opportunity to learn a little about stars, constellations, planets and our Milky Way. Taking the Astronomy Tour with FlaviaBia you can also observe points in the sky through a telescope and enjoy a wine and cheese tasting, as well as a delicious hot chocolate to warm up the cold desert night.

It was on these tours that we were able to see the planet Saturn through the telescope for the first time. Although it was only a tiny dot, the rings around it were visible. It was thrilling to see something that is so far away from us.

Information about the Astronomy Tour

The astronomy tour in Atacama takes place every day of the week, except during full moons. If the weather conditions are not favorable, the tour may be canceled at short notice.

For this reason, try to schedule the tour for the first few days of your trip. That way, if it is canceled, you’ll have other days available.

The FlaviaBia Astronomical Tour offers transportation from and to hotels. They will pick you up at your hotel and take you back after the tour.

Book your hotel in advance here

Tips for enjoying the Astronomy Tour

Each agency works to a different timetable, often with more than one timetable on the same day. For example, some groups may take the astronomical tour close to 11pm, a time when the temperature has already dropped a lot.

So even if your tour isn’t that late, make sure you’re warm and prepared for sub-zero temperatures. Nights in the desert can be freezing.

Avoid taking the astronomy tour too late if, for example, you have an early tour the next day, such as Geyser or volcano climbing.

If you want to take photos of the stars, remember to take a tripod with you on the tour. The agencies usually take photos of the travelers during the tour, but if you want your own photos, don’t forget your tripod.

As we mentioned, after sunset the temperature drops a lot in the Atacama Desert, even in summer. If you’re traveling in winter, it’s important to be well protected for the astronomy tour. In the months of June, July and August, it’s common to experience sub-zero temperatures on this tour.

Photos of the Astronomy Tour in Atacama

Which agency to hire in Atacama

For both the Astronomical Tour and the other tours in the Atacama Desert, our suggestion for your trip is FlaviaBia Expediciones, an agency we have known since it began operations and which has an excellent track record in terms of traveler satisfaction.

If you value a good experience and are looking for tours without a large number of people, with comfortable and safe cars and, of course, professional guides, this is one of the best alternatives for your trip.

It’s worth noting that the groups on the Astronomy Tour with FlaviaBia are very limited in terms of the number of people per group, so it’s important to plan ahead.

We recommend FlaviaBia's work transparently. We know the work closely and have already done all the activities offered, testing and guaranteeing the quality of the service.

You can contact the agency directly using the form and receive all the information you need for your trip.

The FlaviaBia Expediciones agency was set up by Flavia, who raised her family in the desert and today is a benchmark for her excellent service in San Pedro de Atacama.

Travelers who have already done the Astronomical Tour

Robson Franzoiauthor of the blog Um Viajante

Anyone going to the Atacama Desert needs to do the Astronomy Tour! It's an incredible and exciting tour. Every time I've visited the desert I've taken this tour because it's truly incredible to see the stars in the Atacama sky. I highly recommend it!

Diogo Fernandespassionate about coffee and travel

The best experience you can have in the Atacama Desert. I did the Astronomy Tour on my first trip and I still don't forget what it was like. I've been back a few times and it's always on my itinerary, it's wonderful.

Viviane OliveiraCollaborators

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful... I can't describe what a thrill it was to get out of the agency's car, in a completely dark place, and see how the Atacama sky shines in a different way. The astronomy tour is a must on any itinerary.

Caio VieiraCollaborators

I highly recommend the astronomy tour in the Atacama Desert. I did it with space and I thought it was fantastic. The weather was perfect, the explanations in Spanish were very calm and we also used the telescopes. I highly recommend the experience.

Larissa CostaMembers

I've never been so cold in my life! I did the astronomy tour in winter and my mouth was shivering from the cold. Even so, I loved the tour and I think it was worth it. The hot chocolate that the space agency served helped me forget lol... I loved it!

Yuri MirandaCollaborators

The Atacama Astronomy Tour is worthwhile and I think it's a must for any traveler. I really enjoyed the experience and all the explanations, the mug with the laser that points out the stars and the telescopes. I can't leave it out.

Debora VasquesCollaborators

I simply loved the astronomy tour in Atacama!!! My tour was canceled two days in a row and I almost cried thinking I wouldn't be able to make it. On the third day the weather was perfect and it was incredible. The best tip is to try and do it in the first few days of your trip.

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Do you have any questions about the Astronomy Tour? Let us know in the comments!

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