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Get to know the Salar de Tara

Part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve, the Salar de Tara (Tara Salt Flat) is an attraction that brings together some of the most special landscapes in the Atacama Desert.

With volcanic and rock formations sculpted by the action of time, it’s hard not to feel small amidst the beauty of this immensity of nature. Among the tours in the Atacama Desert, the Salar de Tara is one of the most intense and where the traveler gets close to 5,000 meters of altitude.

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Visit to the Tara Salt Flat

Among the most famous rock formations on the Salar de Tara, the Monks of La Pacana deserve special attention. It is also worth highlighting another formation sculpted by time and which stands out in the landscape: the Guardian, as it is presented by the guides, is almost 20 meters high and reigns alone in a desert setting.

Another incredible point on the tour is where travelers can see the Tower Cathedrals, with other formations sculpted by the magical hands of nature.

Finally, the Salar de Tara is the pinnacle of the tour and where the exuberant beauty of nature reveals itself most impressively. It’s hard not to fall in love and become emotional when you reach this place.

In addition, majestic flamingos often display their pink hues near the travelers. It is crucial to maintain silence and honor the trail markings that outline the permissible path around the salt flat.

We have to remember that we are mere visitors and that we are in the midst of the natural habitat of several species. When you arrive at this destination, remember what a privilege it is to be there and how important it is to keep this place preserved.

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Information about the Tara Salt Flat

Each agency has a different tour format and a different pace. The Salar de Tara tour is usually a full day’s journey from and to San Pedro de Atacama.

For reasons of preservation, part of the Tara Salt Flat was closed in 2019 for reassessment and the construction of a new structure to receive travelers.

As a result, alternative tours were developed. The agency FlaviaBia Expediciones has developed an itinerary called Monges del Altiplano, which takes you on an incredible journey beyond the Tara Salt Flat, where you’ll reach the beautiful Laguna Negra (Black Lagoon).

We’ve already had the opportunity to do this and consider it one of the most wonderful experiences you can include in your itinerary.

Tips for your trip to the Tara Salt Flat

This is a high-altitude tour, reaching close to 5,000 meters above sea level, so it’s very important to be well prepared for low temperatures and strong winds. In the winter months, all precautions must be doubled. It’s also worth noting that even in the hottest months of the year it’s possible to encounter low temperatures on tours like this.

Whenever we talk about high-altitude treks, our suggestion is that you dress in layers so that, if the temperature rises during the day, you can adapt to the day’s weather.

As the wind can be intense and interfere greatly with the thermal sensation, we recommend wearing windproof jackets and pants. As for footwear, we recommend sneakers or light hiking boots with a well-sealed finish, so you have more protection from the cold and also from the sand. Also remember gloves, caps and, if possible, scarves to protect you from the cold and wind.

It’s important to take a bottle of water with you to keep you hydrated throughout the day. The use of sunscreen and moisturizer for your skin, especially your lips, will make a big difference during the tour.

Photos of the Tara Salt Flat in the Atacama Desert

Which agency to hire in Atacama

Our suggestion for your trip is the FlaviaBia Expediciones agency, which we have known since it began operating in the desert and has an excellent track record in terms of traveler satisfaction.

For those who value a good experience during a trip, who are looking for tours without a large number of people and who have professional guides, comfortable cars and more safety on the tours, this is one of the best alternatives for your trip.

We recommend FlaviaBia's work in a transparent way. We know the work closely and have already done all the activities offered, testing and guaranteeing the quality of the service.

You can contact the agency directly using the form and receive all the information you need for your trip.

The FlaviaBia Expediciones agency was set up by Flavia, who raised her family in the desert and today is the benchmark for quality service in San Pedro de Atacama.

Travelers who have already visited the Tara Salt Flat

Yuri MirandaCollaborators

It's hard to think of Atacama without remembering the Salar de Tara. It feels like you're far away from everything and there's only nature around you. We managed to see flamingos and llamas near the salt flat and it was amazing... a worthwhile trip.

Robson Franzoiauthor of the blog Um Viajante

The Salar de Tara is one of the most impressive places in the Atacama Desert. It's one of the longest drives from San Pedro and the places you visit are incredible. The formations, the colors... the whole look is unique!

Diogo Fernandespassionate about coffee and travel

I visited the Salar de Tara on my first trip to the Atacama Desert and it was one of the reasons I loved this destination. The beauty of this place is unparalleled, it's like stepping into a painting.

Jana AguiarMembers

The Salar de Tara is a place of indescribable beauty. I was afraid of the altitude, but it was an unforgettable and peaceful trip that I've never seen before. It's worth a visit when it's open again.

Larissa CostaMembers

I've been to the Salar de Tara twice and I'd go back again and again. It's a magical and very special place. On the guided tour we had the opportunity to go to incredible viewpoints and spend a whole day exploring, just wonderful.

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