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The main way to visit and get to know the places in the Atacama Desert is through local agencies. In recent years, the number of operators has grown exponentially in San Pedro de Atacama and there is something for every style of traveler.

We are talking about an extreme destination and we need to reinforce that the safety of the traveler must always come first.

Many branches have opened without registrations and without any minimum security criteria. When walking through the streets of San Pedro de Atacama it is very common to be approached by people selling tours without a fixed agency. We don’t recommend this type of approach and we warn against taking tours in unmaintained cars and without prepared guides.

For a long time, it was common to walk around San Pedro and search for agencies door-to-door. With the arrival of this large number of agencies where not all criteria are taken into account, we prefer to recommend only reliable services.

Which agency to hire in Atacama

Our suggestion is that you book your tours with registered and well-recommended agencies. The best agency we can recommend in San Pedro de Atacama is FlaviaBia Expediciones, a company we’ve known since it started operating and which has an excellent track record in terms of traveler satisfaction.

For those who value a good experience, tours without a large number of people, comfortable and safe cars and, of course, professional guides, this is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives for your trip.

We recommend FlaviaBia's work transparently. We know the work closely and have already done all the activities offered, testing and guaranteeing the quality of the service.

You can contact the agency directly using the form and receive all the information you need for your trip.

The FlaviaBia Expediciones agency was set up by Flavia, who raised her family in the desert and today is the benchmark for quality service in San Pedro de Atacama.

Positive points of the agency

For those of you who are researching and want to do your tours in Atacama with a serious and responsible agency, here are the points that allow us to recommend FlaviaBia as the best option for your trip:


As we’ve already mentioned, traveler safety should be the first thing you consider when hiring an agency in Atacama. Well-maintained cars, qualified drivers and professional guides, as well as all the necessary equipment for an emergency situation;

Small groups

More than ever, an agency that aims for tours with small groups and that values the individual experience of the traveler is a more than positive point;


While some agencies offer rushed tours where the traveler’s experience is limited, at FlaviaBia the service values the destination, giving the traveler time to enjoy each place;

Specialized guides

Having a well-instructed guide who enriches the trip with useful and relevant information can transform any traveler’s experience. Knowing Flavia’s team intimately, we have every confidence that your trip will be very special;

Gastronomic experiences

A destination is not only made of beautiful landscapes. In addition to the safety and time spent in each place, being able to get to know the destination through its flavors is another positive point that allows us to recommend Flavia’s work.

For all these reasons, we're sure that your trip to the Atacama can only benefit from the work of Flavia's team.

FlaviaBia Expediciones, super recommended

As we’ve said, of course, there are several options for agencies in San Pedro de Atacama. Our role here is to recommend an agency that we can trust and that we know works through real experience.

Because we have a responsibility to recommend something that can have a direct impact on your travel experience, we will only recommend agencies, hotels and even restaurants that are fully regulated in Chile.

Rafaela Martini

I traveled with FlaviaBia in March 2022 and had the best experience I could imagine. The agency takes care of every detail to make the tours special. Our group was small, almost a private tour. We were able to enjoy each place calmly, without the hustle and bustle of large groups. I loved it and highly recommend it.

Marcelo Cardin

We chose the Atacama Desert as our honeymoon destination and the FlaviaBia agency was the best decision of the trip. The work done by Flavia's team made the destination even more special. They were special days that we will miss. Our guide was incredible and the care taken with the meals was a special highlight. We recommend it!

Roselli Venturin

I realized my dream of visiting Atacama after having postponed my trip due to the pandemic. I couldn't believe it when I arrived and saw the beauty of this destination with my own eyes. FlaviaBia's work was impeccable and done with great care. The team helped me organize the tours, the itinerary and the trip was incredible. I'm grateful for everything.

Carolina Vianna

My sisters and I planned a trip to Atacama before the pandemic and had to postpone it. I finally managed to fulfill this dream and it was incredible to have FlaviaBia as our agency on this trip. I loved the experience with small, quiet groups, perfect for enjoying the destination and feeling the energy of this magical place. We'll tell all our friends!

Dalva M Santos

Everything was perfect on the trip with my family. The work of the FlaviaBia agency is worth the investment. We were referred to them by friends who had already traveled with them and we trusted them. When we arrived in the Atacama Desert, we were very well received and the guide who accompanied us was perfect. We'll pass on the recommendation. Perfect trip, we loved it!

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